Women's Flat Socks Black
Women's Flat Socks Black
Women's Flat Socks Black
Rhinestone Divaz

Women's Flat Socks Black

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Care Instructions
Machine wash cold with like colors, no bleach. Tumble dry.

Product Details
100% polyester top coverings
100% polyurethane foam base cushion


If possible, remove shoe’s insole and use as a guide for trimming your FLAT SOCKS. Replace shoe insole when finished. If your shoe’s insole is glued in or difficult to remove, use trim guides stamped into the underside of FLAT SOCKS to trim to the right size.


If there’s one set of FLAT SOCKS that makes you think of the phrase “radical, dude!”, it’s these Paint Splatter FLAT SOCKS. They're printed with a bodacious design that brings us back to the near-retro world of trapper keepers and magazine spreads that were splashed with solid paint splatter elements. Slip ‘em into your favorite no-sock shoes to claim this high-contrast display of pink, yellow, and blue splatters on a deep black background design.

Sport Mesh

You’ve separated yourself from a world dependant on socks, and your feet will celebrate with every step! The Sport Mesh top cover fabric is similar to the mesh found on many athletic shoe insoles: comfortable, breathable, and engaging. The main difference: sport shoe insoles can’t go through the washer and dryer without falling apart.

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